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Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I digital output module

Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I
Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I

Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I digital output module

Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I Digital Output, 16 Channel, 125VDC, 125/240VAC

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    Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I
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    100% T/T
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    The USA
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    2 days
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    12 months

Products Description: 

1756-OW16I output module

allen bradley 1756-ow16i Digital Output, 16 Channel, 125VDC, 125/240VAC


1756 OW16I

1756 - OW16I





Genuine 1756-OW16I

1756-OW16I new in box

1756-OW16I plc module

1756-OW16I brand new

1756-OW16I new original

1756-OW16I PLC Module

new 1756-OW16I

original 1756-OW16I

factory sealed 1756-OW16I




1756 0W161

1756 0Wi6I

AB 1756-OW16I /A ControlLogix Digital Relay Module

AB 1756-OW16I  ControlLogix 16 Pt Digital Module

ControlLogix Isolated Relay Output 16P 1756OW16I

1756-OW16I PLC ControlLogix Digital Relay Module

Allen Bradley 1756-OW16i ControlLogix 16 pt digital relay module

Allen-Bradley 1756-OW16I Relay Isol. Output 16PT


Allen-Bradley ControlLogix 1756-OW16I Digital Relay Module

1756-OW16I ControlLogix digital output module

1756-OW16I ControlLogix 16 Pt Digital Module

Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I Controllogix Output Module


Technical Specifications

allen bradley 1756-ow16i

Outputs ,16 N.O. individually isolated

Pilot duty ,C300/R150

Operating voltage range ,5…125V DC, 0…240V AC

Output voltage range (load dependent) 1 A @ 5…30V DC

0.5 A @ 48V DC

0.22 A @ 125V DC

1.5 A @ 120V AC 50/60 Hz

0.75 A @ 240V AC 50/60 Hz

Output delay time

Off to On

On to Off

10 ms max

10 ms max

Current draw ,@ 5.1V 150 mA

Current draw ,@ 24V 150 mA

Total backplane power, 4.4 W

Power dissipation, max 4.5 W @ 60 °C (140 °F)

Thermal dissipation ,15.35 BTU/hr

Off-state leakage current per point, max 1.5 mA per point

Minimum load current ,10 mA per point

Initial contact resistance, max 100 mΩ @ 6V 1 A


About this item:

1.100% New Original Factory Sealed

2.Best price allen bradley 1756-ow16i

3.Warranty for 12 months



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Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I


Payment Terms:

Wire transfer (100% T/T)


Special discount:

If you find other suppliers offer cheaper price for allen bradley 1756-0w16i product, we`d love to offer you the same, or even more disocunt.


Packaging & Delivery:

1.Original factory sealed package.

2.Wrap with foam with every item. allen bradley 1756 ow16i

3.Carton package in advance.

4.For heavy cargo, will load with wooden package.

5.Fast delivery after payment allen bradley 17560w16i

6.Air way through DHL/FedEx/UPS/TNT...


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