industrial automation equipment suppliers
industrial automation equipment suppliers
industrial automation equipment suppliers
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                                       SH Automation Company Limited                                                                                ABOUT US   SH Automation Company Limited markets and distributes industrial automation equipment to dealers or users in all industry areas, mainly in instrumentation and Control System, including Water and Waste, Power and Electricity, Heavy industry.Our experience and knowledge in these industries enables us to be a competent partner in the supply of electrical, mechanical and instrumentation equipment while ensuring the highest quality of service.    Since established, our company have developed fast based on the needs of its customers/partners. Hence our Project in more than 20 countries and customers with more than 28 areas to offers Controller/CPU/Processor, Input/Output Modules, Communication Modules, Power Supply, Interface modules, etc.,,  Our selling serial products as below: SIEMENS: SIMATIC DP, Electronics module for ET 200S, SIMATIC S7-200, SIMATIC S7-300, SIMATIC S7-400H, 412-5H system bundle H-system,  SIMATIC S5, CPU, SIMATIC 6DD TDC, CPU551,MICROMASTER 6SE, etc. B&R: X20 System, X67 System, PLC system, I/O systems, Compact I/O System ALLEN BRADLEY: Rockwell Allen Bradley ControlLogix Control Systems, PLC Safety Control Systems, SoftLogix Control System   SH Automation Company Limited welcomes you to our web site, you`re expected to have a pleasure experience when click CONTACT US buttons to get information from our staff, since we have professional staff, supervised and guided by senior experts with experiences of almost all industries can gives us the ability to suppling and providing Engineering & Technical Services. They can not only sell best commodity, but more importantly, they listen to clients, respond quickly to clients` current needs, anticipate future needs, and earn their business every day.  With the support of our leading companies and a strong customer base, we strive to achieve our goals every year.   We committed to offer the best quality products and services at competitive prices to the complete satisfaction of our esteemed clients. So pls feel free to get in touch with us, if you may need our related instruments. Thank you.      
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Traditional customs of Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023
September 22, 23
Traditional customs of Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023
Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important traditional festivals in China. It is also a time for family reunion, thanksgiving and appreciation of the moon. In this exciting festival, people will participate in various interesting and meaningful activities. Let's learn about the traditional customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023|   1. Appreciate the Moon In the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023, people will come out to enjoy the bright moon- light in both cities and rural areas. They will place tables and chairs outdoors or on the balcony, sit down with family or friends to admire the moon, and spend this special night together.   2. Barbecue Party Another popular Mid-Autumn Festival tradition is to hold barbecue parties. In this special festival, many families will follow the customs of the younger generation, either outdoors or prepare a barbecue party in the courtyard. Family and friends will sit around the stove together, savoring delicious barbecue and various snacks, enjoying the moment of reunion.   3. Eating mooncakes One of the most classic customs of Mid-Autumn Festival is to eat moon cakes. Every Mid- Autumn Festival, people will give and taste moon cakes of various flavors, such as egg yolk, lotus seed paste, and bean paste Etc. In the traditional custom of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023, people will make moon cakes carefully and send them to their relatives and friends to express their good wishes to each other.   4. Colorful lights In addition to watching the moon, it is also one of the traditional customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival. During the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023, people will hang lanterns and colored lights at their homes and on the streets, create a lively holiday atmosphere. Especially in cities and commercial areas, the decoration of colorful lights is a sea of lights, dazzling and attracting many tourists and citizens to come and watch.   5. Race with Moon The race against the moon is one of the traditional activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival. On the night of Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023, family members will compare who sees the roundest and largest moon. Some people may bring a telescope and observe the details of the moon in detail. This activity not only increased the interaction between parents and children, but also made people feel more romantic and magical about the Mid-Autumn Festival.   6. Guess lantern riddles In some parts of China, guessing lantern riddles is also one of the traditional activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival. People will put lantern riddles in courtyards or parks, and then everyone will guess together. Guessing lantern riddles it`s not only tests intelligence and wisdom, but also adds a happy atmosphere to the Mid-Autumn Festival.   7. Listening to Stories Mid-Autumn Festival is also a time to pass on family and folk stories. On the night of the Mid- Autumn Festival in 2023, family members will gather to listen to their ancestors' stories ab...
6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual
September 04, 23
6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 manual
Order number: 6ES7331-7KF02-0AB0 Analog input module :6es7331-7kf02-0ab0 , SM 331 with AI 8x 12 bit More details: 8 inputs in 4 channel groups Programmable measurement type at each channel group Voltage Current Resistance Temperature Programmable resolution at each channel group (9/12/14 bits + sign) Any measuring range selection per channel group Programmable diagnostics and diagnostic interrupt Programmable limit value monitoring for 2 channels Programmable hardware interrupt when limit is exceeded Electrically isolated to CPU and load voltage (not for 2-wire transducers)   Resolution The measured value resolution is directly proportional to the selected integration time, that is, the measured value resolution increases in proportion to length of the integration time at the analog input channel. Diagnostics For information on diagnostics messages at the "group diagnostics" parameter, refer to chapter Diagnostic messages of analog input modules. Hardware interrupts Hardware interrupts for channel groups 0 and 1 can be programmed in STEP 7. However, set a hardware interrupt only for the first channel of a channel group, that is, either at channel 0, or at channel 2   SH automation can provide more than above mentioned parts, like 6es7151 3ba23 0ab0 , 6es7331 7nf10 0ab0, Contact with Vivi for more infomation (  
Introduce of Rockwell 1756-en2t
August 14, 23
Introduce of Rockwell 1756-en2t
The Allen-Bradley 1756-EN2T belongs to the 1756 ControlLogix® I/O (ControlLogix™ controller), it is the 1756 I/O module.   We can use the 1756-EN2T to remote Ethernet communication module to control I/O modules by setting the communication format of these modules to none. Install the module in any slot in the ControlLogix chassis. You can install more than one 1756-EN2T module in the same chassis. The following figure shows the chassis slot numbers in a four-slot chassis. Slot 0 is the first slot and is always the leftmost slot in the chassis.   If you must use the rack-optimised communication format in a remote 1756-EN2T chassis, you cannot install different 1756-EN2T EtherNet/IP communication modules in the same remote chassis. For example, it is not possible to install a 1756-ENBT module and a 1756-EN2T module in the same remote chassis if they are formatted using a rack-optimised connection   Our company can provide new origina 1756-ENBT for you, as well as 6ep1336 3ba10 / 6es7212 1ae40 0xb0/ 1783 etap1f/ 1734 oe2c/ 6es7331 7kf02 0ab0   Get in touch with Vivi ( to acquire above products.
FISU World University Games 2023 Chengdu
July 30, 23
FISU World University Games 2023 Chengdu
FISU World University Games 2023 Chengdu The 31st World University Summer Games opened on the evening of 28 July in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. In the centre of the venue, the "Sun God Bird", the symbol of China's cultural heritage, rotated and twelve golden awns shone brightly. Fireworks bloomed in the air countdown figures, the audience shouted in unison with the figures. In a cheer, the gorgeous flowers bloomed in the night sky. Chengdu Universiade opening ceremony officially began.   In the centre of the venue, the sacred fire disc with the pattern of "Sun God Bird" slowly rose. Astronaut Ye Guangfu and other 31 torchbearers held the torch and entered the venue. In the limelight, the torchbearers ran to the front of the sacred flame disc, formed a circle, and used the torch in their hands to ignite the "Sun God Bird", which instantly shone brightly. The flame burned brightly, conveying the good wishes of university students all over the world to shine like the sun.   Illuminate the world, hear the singing of life" "Illuminate the future, look into the beautiful distance" ...... young college students gathered under the flame, sang the theme song of the opening ceremony "Achieve the dream", the whole stadium turned into a sea of joy. The whole stadium was turned into an ocean of joy.   The main design of the Chengdu Universiade emblem is based on the initial letter "U" in the corresponding English University of the World University Games, and the overall colour of the U is divided into four gradient colour blocks of big red, bright yellow, emerald green and lake blue in a curved cutting manner. The overall colour of the U is divided into four gradient blocks of red, bright yellow, emerald green and lake blue in a curved cut, and is in the same vein as the FISU logo elements.   Similar to the emblem, the much-anticipated mascot of the Universiade can also be seen at a glance "Chengdu Fan", the mascot of the Universiade "Rongbao" is based on the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding real pandas "Sesame" as the prototype creation. "Rongbao" was created based on the real giant panda "Sesame" at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. The "Rongbao" face was conceived with reference to the traditional art treasure Sichuan opera's face pattern, which is an innovative manifestation of the combination of Sichuan opera, China's intan- gible cultural heritage, and the local characteristics of the Games.   The Chengdu Universiade will be held from 28 July to 8 August. This is the second time that mainland China will host the World University Summer Games after 2001 and 2011.   During 28 July to 8 August, we will have a promotion of our products to celebrate this event. welcome to contact and buy what you need-------------Vivi (     Allen Bradley 1746-NI8 SLC 500 Analog INPUT Module,  Allen Bradley 1794-OB8 Output Module  B&R X20DO2633 Digital Output MODULE  Siem...
The GROWING industrial computer industry
July 17, 23
The GROWING industrial computer industry
With the continuous development of industrial automation, the industrial computer industry is also growing. How to create a more accurate production control system is currently one of the hot topics in the industry.   A-Embedded industrial control computer: With small size, low power consumption, good heat dissipation, and high integration, it is suitable for applications with limited space.---Siemens 6ES7323-1BL00-0AA0 SIMATIC S7-300 DigitaL Module Module   B-Wall mounted industrial computer: It has the characteristics of easy installation, less space occupation, and beautiful appearance, suitable for applications such as offices and production lines.---B&R X20AI2622 Analog Input Module   C-Desktop industrial computer: It has the characteristics of easy operation, better performance, and strong scalability, and is suitable for applications with high performance requirements.----Allen Bradley 1756-IF8H Analog Input Module   D-Products such as all-in-one computers, anti laptop computers, reinforced laptops, and servers provide more compre- hensive solutions for different application scenarios.----Siemens 6ES7331-1KF01-0AB0 SIMATIC S7-300 Analog Input Module   By selecting different types of industrial computer products, precise matching can be achieved to meet the needs of different application scenarios, thus creating a more accurate and efficient production control system.----Allen Bradley 1747-L541 SLC 500 Controller   When it is necessary to collect and process data from various links in the production process to achieve precise control of the  production process, an embedded industrial computer can be selected. Embedded industrial control computers have efficient and stable data acquisition and processing capabilities, enabling precise control of the production process.   When multiple devices need to be integrated and coordinated in offices or production lines to achieve efficient operation of the production process, wall mounted industrial control computers can be chosen. The wall mounted industrial computer has good equipment integration and collaboration capabilities, and can achieve close connection between devices.   In applications with high performance requirements, desktop industrial computers or servers can be chosen. Desktop industrial computers and servers have a more efficient and stable operating environment, enabling more precise production control.   The interested persons of mentioned parts may relate with me, price liberally. -- Vivi (   
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